Each year, Lamborghini owners are invited to traverse the most breathtaking highways in America for a luxurious driving experience that embodies every challenge and indulgence Lamborghini ownership entails.

  • GIRO 2017 PNW

    This is the 2017 chapter of the most anticipated Lamborghini event of the year. This is Giro.

    Selected participants will revel in a five-day, four-night tour of the Pacific Northwest. Throughout the 700 miles of custom driving routes that include a destination to the picturesque Multnomah Falls off the Historic Columbia River Highway, drivers will be immersed in an opulent sensory overload that only Lamborghini can manifest.

    In addition to five-star accommodations and world-class spa appointments in Portland and Seattle, each owner and their guests will be treated to private meals along the Pacific Coastline and the Puget Sound. Expect white glove treatment at every encounter, and curated excursions exclusive to Giro and the region.

    And for the first time, Giro participants will receive an exclusive guided tour of the Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory: home to the conception of the leading technology in carbon composites technology and the minds and craftsmen that forge the future of Lamborghini.

    This is your time. The peerless moment has arrived and you have been invited to apply for Lamborghini Giro 2017.