Ferruccio Lamborghini developed his namesake based on one simple belief: the others simply weren’t good enough. The spirit of our founder lives on today. Not only in our iconic vehicles, but also in the lifestyle that comes with driving them.

We invite you to discover unique, benchmark-setting experiences with our revered vehicles, designed to appeal to both Lamborghini owners and those considering Lamborghini for their next super sports car.


Track Time Exclusivity Miles Traveled Event Length Models Present Education


Track Time Exclusivity Miles Traveled Event Length Models Present Education


Track Time Exclusivity Miles Traveled Event Length Models Present Education

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Designed to highlight performance, power and control, Esperienza tests the limits of a Lamborghini and its driver on some of the world's most prominent tracks.

These half-day events are designed to introduce those considering Lamborghini for their next super sports car to the exceptional lifestyle that comes with it, along with the unique opportunity to study challenging race maneuvers in one of the world's most powerful vehicles. In between gourmet refreshments and world-class hospitality in the Lamborghini Lounge, attendees will put their lessons to the test with full-track lapping sessions guided by professional Lamborghini instructors.


Explore the unbridled potential of the complete Lamborghini range and savor extended time in command of the wheel at Accademia - a profound owner-focused driving program that lives in a category of its own. 

During these exclusive multi-day events, attendees receive driver training from professionals with racing credits in F1, Indy Car, Super Trofeo and others, while embarking on the path to Lamborghini driving mastery. 

On track, snow and ice, owners advance their expertise by taking on the world’s most prestigious tracks while pushing the limits of their own driving abilities.


Pilota is Lamborghini’s most advanced driving program – complete with five-star accommodations and exceptional luxuries like private helicopter transfers to and from the track. For a number of hand-selected participants, this action-packed experience behind the wheel of the Huracán Super Trofeo has been developed with the specific goal to push a driver’s on-track skills to the limit in preparation for real racing. Graduates of the Pilota program will often find themselves competing on the circuit in the Super Trofeo and GTD series.

Lamborghini Brand Events


Meticulously curated and precisely designed for the refined tastes of our most discerning Lamborghini owners, Giro seamlessly weaves invigorating drives, unique activities, 5-star accommodations and exquisite dining to create an unforgettable, multi-day driving experience.

An intimate gathering, Giro brings together like-minded Lamborghini owners to navigate some of the country’s most iconic roads, while enjoying regional culture, stunning attractions and breathtaking landscapes along the way. With different excursions planned each year, many owners choose to make Giro an annual affair.

Collaborations and Special Events

Lamborghini is proud to partner with internationally-revered names like Pershing Yacht and Roger Dubuis for unmatched luxury experiences for hand-selected guests.

Industry Events

Together with its greatest minds and most notable partners, Lamborghini celebrates its success and writes the next chapter of its distinguished history, during exclusive car launches and private gatherings held throughout the year.

World of Lamborghini

The World of Lamborghini is an enviable opportunity to procure a taste of the lifestyle of a super sports car owner.

Lamborghini Motorsport Events

Super Trofeo

Watch what happens when unrivaled power and peerless agility are put in the hands of the professionals at what is arguably the most impressive international one-make series in the world: Super Trofeo.

As a spectator, you will be hard pressed to find a more thrilling and luxurious view of a Lamborghini in action. Indulge in the finest trackside hospitality while in the company of fellow motorsport enthusiasts as drivers traverse world-class tracks all over North America.


GTD is the highest level of touring car motorsport action. Spectators relish in a pure exhibition of power and agility as Lamborghini squares off against a grid of rival manufacturers here in the U.S. in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

Please visit IMSA.com to learn more about GTD.

Note that some Lamborghini events may not be listed here. If you cannot find the specific event you’re searching for, or have a question regarding any event, please contact our Lamborghini Concierge.